All of our items are made from scratch in house. We source our products with a local and organic emphasis. Our kitchen is 100% grain, gluten, tree nut, legume, soy, cow-dairy, MSG, preservative, and other weird food additive free.
Let us know of any dietary restrictions or preferences and we will be happy to accomodate!
Small                $9         1 Skewer or Dinosaur Egg and 2 sides

                          $12      1 Dinosaur Egg and 3 sides
Large                $13      ½ Dinosaur Egg & 1 Skewer and 3 sides
                          $14      2 Skewers and 3 sides

$5 a la carte
Dinosaur Egg   Grilled avocado filled with cauliflower sticky rice, topped with mango                             and cilantro. V/W30/K
Chicken             Northwest grown and hormone, antibiotic, and cage free chicken                                   thighs from Cascade Natural Farms grilled with your choice of sauce:
                  Pineapple Pteriyaki: Sticky sweet, soy-free take on the classic. Topped                            with toasted sesame seeds (contains honey)
                  Velosriracha: House made chili garlic sauce. Topped with toasted sesame                    seeds W30/K
                  Dijonodon: Fresh herbed honey dijon.
Steak                Grass fed, Northwest grown, hormone & antibiotic free marinated                                 and seasoned top sirloin from Cascade Natural Farms. W30/K
Seasonal Salad    marinated basil and cucumbers, sliced red onion, fresh goat                                             cheese, topped with a combination of nori, toasted sesame seeds,                                 lemon zest sea salt from Jacobsen Salt Co. and pink peppercorns,                                   over greens. $8  V/W30/K
Chipotle Mash     steamed sweet potatoes and cauliflower with coconut cream,                                         topped with green onions. $4 V/W30
Cauliflower Rice  sautéed with garlic, onion, olive oil and sea salt. Plain or                                                     with Velosriracha, topped with green onions. $4 V/W30/K
            Load it up! (+$2) +add velosriracha, green onions, and your choice of two of                 the following to our chipotle mash or cauliflower rice
                                               awesome bacon                   whipped herb goat cheese
                                               sliced avocado                      hard boiled egg
Bone Broth           Made with grass fed beef bones fresh veggies, herbs, apple cider                                    vinegar and sea salt. 8 oz $4 a la carte /$15 for a quart. W30/K
J urassic Rolls         grain free dinner rolls baked fresh in house daily, with our                                                roasted garlic spread or whipped herb goat cheese (contains egg).                                  $2 .5
$1.5 each
Awesome Bacon                 chopped. nitrate and nitrite free (except for those                                                               naturally   occurring in celery), sweetened with organic                                                       honey and made from hormone and antibiotic free                                                             pork. K
Hard Boiled Egg                  locally laid by free range hens. W30/K
Velosriracha                        FREE! Our house made hot sauce. V/W30/K
Whipped Goat Cheese      K
Avocado                               sliced and seasoned. V/W30/K

V: Vegan, or can be made so
W30: Whole30, or can be made so                 
K: Keto, or can be made so
Download menu with ingredient information here!
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